2018 Maine Gubernatorial Survey

GrowSmart Maine invited all candidates for Maine Governor to respond to survey questions on Planning, The Rural Economy, Transportation, Community Development, Energy, School Funding and Taxation, and Governance.  Everyone in our great state benefits from increased and diverse-minded engagement.

To view or download the complete survey with questions and answers from all respondents, click here. Below you can view or download individual candidate’s responses to all questions.

Our goal in reaching out with these questions and sharing responses is to help everyone make informed decisions about leadership based on the issues important to our mission: to build lasting prosperity without sacrificing the quality of life that defines Maine.

We asked the candidates the following questions. Find their individual responses by scrolling down or view/download all responses to all questions here.

    2. What will you do to encourage towns to plan proactively and for the long term, understanding that the environment and rural character are fragile and can be damaged before people take notice?
    3. What could you, as Governor, do to support and encourage the kind of community level localism and ruralism that is succeeding in some Maine communities today? (Generally, localism supports local production and consumption of goods, local control of government, and promotion of local culture and local identity. Ruralism is the rural equivalent of new urbanism: creating walkable communities with a range of housing and job types.)
    4. How will your policies support regrowth of Maine’s downtowns so that their heritage, unique rural character and economic value is safeguarded?
    5. How will your policy/action support a shift in focus for growth in our rural areas, such as the recent example in the Katahdin Region?
    6. Maine is a rural state, which makes efficient public transportation challenging. However, the lack of it makes it more difficult for many people to find and keep jobs and access affordable housing. What will you do to encourage funding and development of more transit solutions both in our rural and urban areas?
    7. What is your plan for sustainable funding to maintain/repair our transportation system to shift away from the current over-reliance on gas tax and general fund bonds each year?
    8. People-to-people connections are increasingly identified as a key determinant of individual health as well as successful community engagement. How would you encourage both our aging population and other Mainers to create connections within their community?
    9. Broadband infrastructure is critical to Maine’s economic future and the personal well being of Mainers. Who should determine access to the internet – communities or companies?
    10. What are the pillars of your energy policy? How will you prioritize energy efficiency? How do you define renewable energy and what role will it play in your energy policy? Please touch on transmission as well as production and usage of energy.
    11. What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of using property tax dollars as a basis for school funding. What are other options and how would they shape Maine’s development patterns and our economy?
    12. GrowSmart Maine facilitates people working together to reach better solutions for their communities. What will your administration do to build an effective relationship with the Legislature that listens and responds to the differing voices of Maine communities?


Alan Caron

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Terry Hayes

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Janet Mills

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Shawn Moody

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