“Quality of Place” What does it mean?

What brought you to Maine? Why do you stay? What keeps you coming back year after year? That is Quality of Place. The rocky coastline, the old growth forests, the rolling farmlands, the historic downtowns, the loon calls on still lakes, the 3rd generation family that works the fields, the farms and the fisheries. The quintessential Maine that we all have come to love – the thing that makes Maine…Maine – that is Quality of Place. That is what GrowSmart Maine strives to protect.

As sponsors of the landmark 2006 Brookings Institution report, Charting Maine’s Future, GrowSmart Maine actively brings together Maine citizens, government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to work for a more sustainable prosperity that supports both an improving standard of living and the protection of this state’s unique character, our quality of place.

GrowSmart Maine’s overall action plan calls for three initiatives:

  • Protect the Maine “brand,” the communities and landscapes that make Maine special and give us a key competitive advantage in recruiting new workers and businesses;
  • Invest in new research and development and commercialization to grow the emergent innovation economy and preserve economic opportunity for all Mainers; and
  • Reinvent government in order to lower taxes, deliver services more efficiently, and free up resources for other important investments.

Learn more about the distinct ways in which GrowSmart Maine accomplishes these goals:

Producing understanding, knowledge, and action: We produce periodic reports, in partnership with world-class researchers and visionary planners, that offer new insights into how Maine is changing and what we can do to shape the future together.

CMFRMGMaking Headway

Advocacy for a stronger Maine: GrowSmart Maine advocates for the relevant policy, regulatory, and legislative changes highlighted in these reports.

On-the-ground projects to create and share best practices: GrowSmart Maine works with engaged Maine communities to develop and share new designs for more livable communities. Visit Project Canopy, Maine Model Town and ReEnvisioning the Highway Strip for more information.

Creating and expanding common ground among allies and adversaries is a major element of the GrowSmart Maine mission and a key to our success.

Join us and help protect your quality place. Become a member today. Take a look at our supporters and be sure to support them as well. Thank you.