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4 Communities Where You’ll Find GrowSmart Maine in 2017

At GrowSmart Maine, we’re diligently working everyday to make Maine a thriving and abundant place of opportunity for those lucky enough to call this place home. We also work with the value that change brings about to communities without sacrificing the quality of life that makes Maine such a great place to live, work, and…

Your Voice Matters! Vote Tomorrow!!

We all have our opinions.  Only twice per year do we have a concrete way to voice them.  Tomorrow is one of those chances – don’t let it pass you by.  Your vote matters, your voice matters.  And tomorrow, across the state, you get a say in what happens with your tax dollars and in…

GrowSmart Maine opposes Portland’s Question 2

PORTLAND – In an act unprecedented in its history, GrowSmart Maine’s Board of Directors has unanimously voted to oppose Portland’s Question 2, the “View Shed Referendum.” It may seem unusual that an organization dedicated to protecting Maine’s heritage, landscape and future would turn its back on a referendum devoted to protecting the city’s view sheds….