Share Your Maine Downtown! #DowntownME

I got a little inspired this morning (it is a sunny February day after all)! On the way to Social Media Breakfast Maine (which is in the same building as our offices!) I happened to park in a different spot.  Looking up and around at the beautiful day, I saw a bit of Portland from a different vantage point than I normally do. I stopped and appreciated the beautiful downtown not a block from where I spend a huge chunk of my every day life.


Monument Way, Portland

I took a few pictures on my way back into Gorham.  I thought I’d share them with you!





We are so lucky in Maine to have so many historic walkable downtowns!  Not just in Portland, or Lewiston or Bangor, but Houlton and Norway and Cornish!  How many times do you really look at your own center of town and see the buildings and the street trees and the local businesses that are keeping our downtowns thriving? 

Monument Square

Monument Square

I want to see the downtowns you see!  Share your photos of your favorite downtown!  Post your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and be sure to tag them #DowntownME and we’ll share them too!  Let’s show everyone how beautiful our downtowns are!!

Green Street

My street :)