Annual Summit 2018

Thursday October 11,  8:30a-5p

Cross Insurance Center, Bangor

The Power Of Localism: Tapping Into a Maine Tradition

2018 GrowSmart Maine Summit & Annual Meeting

Featured Presenters

Bruce Katz author of ‘The New Localism

The New Localism defined in urban settings is readily translated to Maine’s small communities in rural regions. We Mainers recognize this pragmatic approach as our heritage. And today we are adapting our rural towns to changing conditions in our population, economy and climate to retain those attributes that define hometowns while creating economic opportunities.

Jase Wilson, CEO & Founder, Neighborly 

Neighborly is a San Francisco-based fintech startup modernizing access to public finance – the billion dollar per day market that funds vital public projects like schools, parks, and next-generation infrastructure like municipal broadband and community solar.


From “The New Localism: How Cities Thrive in the Age of Populism

‘With the rise of the politics of rejectionism in the United State and much of Europe, how can communities solve the serious social, economic, and environmental challenges they face? The answer, according to urban experts Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak, lies within those cities and urban areas that have been on the cutting edge already, solving the problems of modern postindustrial societies by working to create new vehicles “to get things done.” The authors define this power to make change the “New Localism.”’

‘New Localism is defined as a problem-solving practice and governing philosophy for the 21st century. It emerged out of pragmatism – out of the need to rescue communities in decline – but is increasingly focused on linking local communities to the growth sectors of the global economy in ways both inclusive and environmentally sustainable. It embraces the devolution of responsibility downward and reflects the multidimensional nature of how problems are solved over the long term. Its success will require the development of new norms of growth, governance, and finance. Localism is attentive to local ecologies, traditional cultures and small business.’

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