Developer Forum on Commercial Corridor Redevelopment

Exploring Opportunities for Redevelopment on Falmouth Route 1

Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Lunt Auditorium, OceanView, 74 Lunt Road, Falmouth

Presented by Town of Falmouth and GrowSmart Maine

Free & Open to the Public

** This event has passed. See below for Resources, photos, and more information **

For more information about Rt 1 Corridor Redevelopment and presentations from the event, visit the Town of Falmouth’s event and resource site by clicking here.

In 2015, the Town of Falmouth completed a $12 million infrastructure investment in the Route 1 commercial area and adopted new village style zoning rules. The objectives of this work were to transform the Route One corridor from an automobile-based suburban service center to a pedestrian-friendly, pedestrian-scaled New England village center.

The Town envisions a dense pattern of development in the Route One area with activities day and night, a variety of uses (including residential uses), and an emphasis on a safe and attractive pedestrian environment. To achieve this objective, building height was increased to 65 feet, front setbacks to Route 1 and internal roadways were changed to between 0 and 20 feet with parking to be placed in rear and to the side of buildings, and new driveways for restaurants were prohibited.

The Town has discussed redevelopment opportunities with numerous property owners. To date, two properties have been developed that include a new restaurant and hockey arena. The Town wants to increase awareness in the Greater Portland development community about possible (re)development opportunities in Falmouth.

We hope this forum will encourage a frank conversation about commercial corridor redevelopment in Falmouth and possibly stimulate future projects, not just in Falmouth, but in similar locations throughout Maine.


Welcome Nathan Poore, Town of Falmouth and Tyler Kidder, GrowSmart Maine

Why This Forum? – Kristina Egan, Executive Director, GPCOG

Maine Examples of Commercial Corridor Redevelopment – Ethan Boxer-Macomber, Board Vice Chair, GrowSmart Maine

Falmouth’s Vision for Route 1 District – Nathan Poore, Town Manager, Town of Falmouth

Developer Panel: Possible Redevelopment Opportunities on Falmouth Route 1