What We Do

Nancy Encorps
As sponsors of the landmark 2006 Brookings Institution report, Charting Maine’s Future, GrowSmart Maine actively brings together Maine citizens, government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to build lasting prosperity without sacrificing the quality of life that defines Maine.


We do this in three ways:

Community Conversations in Livermore Falls


GrowSmart Maine works with engaged Maine communities to develop and share new ideas for more livable communities. Visit Maine Model Town and Making Headway in Your Community for more information.


Creating and expanding common ground among allies and adversaries is a major element of the GrowSmart Maine mission and a key to our success. Our smart growth forums, tours and Summits provide the community conversations needed to find common sense solutions.


GrowSmart Maine advocates for the relevant policy, regulatory, and legislative changes related to smart growth issues and for which our voice will provide a unique perspective with a statewide impact.

Join us and help protect your Maine. Become a member today. Take a look at our supporters and be sure to support them as well. Thank you.