Maine Alliance for Smart Growth

Maine Alliance for Smart Growth, A Program of GrowSmart Maine

A network of communities, individuals, businesses and organizations with a proven interest in promoting and supporting economically and culturally vital downtowns and the natural areas surrounding them; working farms and forests, open space and waterfront.

We recognize the interdependence of Maine’s natural and built environments and their combined value in creating livable communities and sustainable economic opportunities for today and the future.  We also acknowledge the urgency of addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation. If we don’t do that, nothing else matters. This is the value of smart growth in our rural and urban settings.

To support smart growth outcomes across Maine, we:

  • Connect Mainers with each other, resources and expertise
  • Coordinate community engagement for greatest value to communities while maximizing collaboration and minimizing redundancy
  • Advocate on significant policy issues related to smart growth and its value to Maine communities.

Maine Alliance for Smart Growth Steering Committee:
The Maine Alliance for Smart Growth (MASG) is guided by a steering committee comprising town and city representatives, business, non-profits, and agencies which collectively provide expertise in land use planning, transportation, energy and broadband, land conservation, historic preservation and real estate development, strategic business development, collaborative community engagement, strategic investments in public infrastructure, and addressing climate change.


  • GrowSmart Maine, Nancy Smith
  • Maine Downtown Center, Anne Ball
  • Maine Preservation, Greg Paxton
  • Greater Portland Landmarks, Sarah Hansen
  • CEI, John Egan
  • Island Institute, Nick Battista
  • City of Lewiston, Linc Jeffers
  • The Nature Conservancy in Maine, Robert Wood
  • Kennebec Valley Council of Governments, Cary Tyson
  • Northern Forest Center, Mike Wilson
  • AARP Maine, Lori Parham
  • Build Maine, Kara Wilbur
  • Eastern Maine Community College, Chris Winstead
  • Maine Association of Planners, Jared Woolston

What is Smart Growth?
Smart growth principles promote long-term, sustainable solutions to everyday challenges. Smart growth provides choices in how communities respond to growth and change. Successes include revitalized historic neighborhoods and vibrant, inclusive communities well-suited for residents of all ages and abilities, transportation systems that are energy efficient and safe for all users, and a cultural climate that fosters entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

This requires business regulations working in tandem with environmental regulations, allowing Maine’s economy to grow and prosper while conserving and enriching our beautiful and productive natural spaces. Smart growth supports the continuation of traditional livelihoods like fishing, farming and forestry; keeping Maine families working their heritage and making it possible for their children to do the same.

Smart growth is so much more than land use. It’s how we will ensure that future generations can prosper and choose to call Maine home.

Maine is a place rich with local leaders and innovators full of community spirit. The Alliance is open to all Mainers and does not end at the coastline but extends into the Gulf of Maine to inhabited islands.

Want to be a part of this? We invite individuals, communities, businesses and non-profits to be a part of this network supporting Maine downtowns and the rural areas surrounding them.

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