Maine Council on Quality of Place

“As the search for quality places grows in importance, Maine possesses a globally known ‘brand’ built on the image of livable communities, stunning scenery, and great recreational opportunities.”

– The Brookings Institution, Charting Maine’s Future, 2006












The Maine Legislature created the Maine Council on Quality of Place based on the recommendations outlined in Charting Maine's Future to garner economic benefits from our quality of place in terms of creating high-value jobs, products, and services, retaining and attracting skilled workers, and drawing public and private investment to the state. Unfortunately, the Quality of Place Council was repealed as part of the reorganization of the State Planning Office in 2011. You can find this in the final report to the AFA Committee at this link:

What is Quality of Place?

Maine’s quality of place is our majestic mountains, unbroken forests, open fields, wild rivers, pristine lakes, widely-celebrated coast, picturesque downtowns, lively arts and culture, authentic historic buildings, and exceptional recreational opportunities. It is our principal advantage in today’s global economic competition. Quality of place will help us keep and attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs to fill Maine’s declining workforce population.