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RHS Progress Report – August 2011

Think back to last weekend, as you were going about your Saturday errands. Think about the number of separate stops you had to make, the number of times you parked your car, the traffic,  the street lights . . . and then think about how exhausted you were when you got home!  ReEnvisioning the Highway…

Historic Orono mill torn asunder as town makes way for condo project

Posted Aug. 22, 2011, at 9:38 p.m.

ORONO, Maine — When an excavator’s grapple peeled part of the roof off the old Webster Mill on Monday evening, the crowd that had gathered to watch the demolition of the more than 130-year-old building let out a cheer.  The cheers grew louder when the grapple came down on the wall, sending a cluster of red bricks crashing to the ground and a plume of dust into the air.

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Form-based codes | A new zoning philosophy gets a toehold in Standish

Six years ago, when a developer proposed building a gas station and fuel delivery operation on Route 25 in Standish’s village district, citizens fought the project. It was hugely controversial, says Carol Billington, who at the time was chair of the planning board. No one wanted a huge gas station, yet the zoning permitted it.  Read more…



Project Canopy Offers Community Forestry Grants

AUGUSTA, Maine – Project Canopy, the Maine Forest Service’s community forestry program, will award $200,000 in grants to local governments and municipalities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations that support community efforts to develop and maintain long-term community forestry programs.

Project Canopy, a cooperative partnership between the Maine Forest Service, under the Maine Department of Conservation, and GrowSmart Maine in Portland, encourages communities to develop project proposals that support sustainable community forestry management, increase awareness of the benefits of trees and forests, and increase the health and livability of communities through sound tree planting and maintenance, Jan Ames Santerre, Project Canopy director, said.

Maine Takes Steps to Keep Harmful Invasive Insect at Bay

Tom Porter, MPBN.  July 27, 2011
State conservation officials are keeping a serious eye out this year for signs of an invasive beetle that destroys ash trees.  The emerald ash borer has had a devastating impact on ash tree populations in the Midwest since it arrived from Asia nine years ago, and has now been seen in parts of the Northeast, including New York state and Quebec.  Read more…


Battle of the bugs

In the war the state expects to wage against the tree-killing emerald ash borer, a native wasp has a prominent role on the front lines.

Beth Quimby, Portland Press Herald.  July 28, 2011

FREEPORT – A non-stinging wasp that likes to build its nests in baseball diamond dirt is helping Maine entomologists detect an insect that has decimated millions of ash trees in the Midwest.  The Cerceris fumipennis wasp is the best weapon that researchers have for determining whether the emerald ash borer has made its way to Maine.  Read more…



Wanted: Biosurveillance volunteers to monitor ground wasps for bad beetles

Sun Journal – Terry Karkos, July 23, 2011.  No, this isn’t an “X-Files” episode featuring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson digging up Maine baseball diamonds for native wasps.

Instead, Project Canopy and the Maine Forest Service are trying to establish a network of bug hunters across the state to learn when the insidious emerald green ash borers arrive from upstate New York.  Read more…

Rockland building renovation benefits from tax credits

ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER6) — Historic preservation groups say jobs have been created in Maine because of a tax credit program for historic renovation projects.

The groups are cheering a 10-year extension of the tax credit that was approved by the legislature last month. 449 Main Street in Rockland is the most recent building in Maine to be renovated under the tax credit. This credit allows the owners of a building to deduct a substantial amount of the cost of renovation from their taxes.  Read more…

Maine Forest Service: Project Canopy and GrowSmart Maine Announce New Outreach Partnership

AUGUSTA, Maine – Project Canopy, the Maine Forest Service’s urban and community forestry program, has formed a new partnership with GrowSmart Maine, a statewide community support organization, to provide the project’s outreach and communications functions.

The partnership, required under Project Canopy’s funding grant from the U.S. Forest Service, began this month. The relationship is expected to enhance Project Canopy’s education and outreach efforts throughout Maine’s communities, according to officials from both programs.  Read more…