We Can Do This, Maine


Since the 1970s oil crisis, Denmark has made great strides at becoming independent of imported fossil fuels and creating a clean energy economy. Weeks ago, I joined 13 other Maine people representing a variety of sectors — educators, business owners, legislators, town planners and managers — to learn about Denmark’s efforts and to learn lessons from this country’s experience and think how we might apply it in communities across Maine. We came back from our intensive trip with a strong sense that we can do this, Maine.

As we traveled across the country from big cities like Copenhagen to small rural towns like Braedstrup, we saw locally based solutions in action. Much like Maine, Denmark communities are finding ways to promote clean energy solutions for their residents. They are using what they have to produce energy; communities are using wind, straw bale biomass, anaerobic digestion of food waste and manure and thermal solar to heat homes and produce electricity through district heating. In addition to investing deeply in alternative energy options, communities and the states are investing in building efficiency. As a result, local energy generation is creating financial returns for municipalities and local residents.
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