Why an unlikely coalition supports ‘no’ vote on Portland’s Question 2

-Lisa Whited, Special to the BDN

Courtesy of CPB2 LLC

Local real estate developers and advocates for homeless Mainers; renters and property owners; Republicans and Democrats; business associations and local labor leaders.

This might look like a list of folks you would expect to disagree; in fact, these are all characteristics of people and groups urging a “no” vote on Portland’s Question 2 next month.

Across many different groups, backgrounds and parts of our city, a diverse and growing group of people agree that Question 2 goes too far, will harm our city’s future and we should all vote no.

Earlier this month the board of directors of GrowSmart Maine, whose mission is “to build lasting prosperity without sacrificing the quality of life that defines Maine,” unanimously voted to oppose Question 2 because it makes the kind of thoughtful, responsible growth we want for our state much more difficult.

Thanks to decades of hard work by our city leaders, our residents and groups like GrowSmart Maine, Portland is on the map, nationally, as a great place to live and do business. This is important not just for the people who run our businesses or own our office buildings and rental properties, but for everyone who lives or works in or near Portland. Read more…

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