Charting Maine’s Future – The Brookings Report


Charting Maine's FutureIn 2006, GrowSmart Maine, in conjunction with the Brookings Institution, produced Charting Maine’s Future, an in-depth examination of Maine’s strength and weaknesses at the dawn of the new century. This report has become a seminal blueprint for managing growth in the new century, and its core conclusions continue to reverberate across the state, influencing discussion about managing Maine’s growth in a sustainable manner and preserving our much-heralded Quality of Place.

Here’s what the report recommends:

  • Streamline government to cut taxes and reinvest in Maine’s economy.
  • Invest in Maine’s Quality Places.
  • Invest in Maine’s resourcefulness and creativity.
  • Help Maine communities plan for the future.


We’re optimistic about Maine’s future.

  • Maine is poised for a renewal — if we act now.
  • The new economy favors Maine.
  • Our population is growing again.
  • The economy is diversifying.
  • The Maine ‘brand’ is gaining in value.

But sustainable growth won’t happen unless we fix some of the problems we face.

  • Our state’s economic development work is unfocused.
  • Good, new jobs are just taking root.
  • Our work force isn’t ready for tomorrow’s jobs.
  • We tax and spend too much.
  • We’re squandering our small-town landscape.

Here’s what we need to do:

  • Strengthen our brand by safeguarding our small town, rural character.
  • Make a few large investments.
  • Charge tourists more.
  • Streamline government to finance investments and tax cuts.
  • Find new ways to work together.

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