21st Century Transportation: Shared Vehicles, E-Bikes and their Implications for a Smart Growth Economy in Maine

The future of transportation is not as far away as you think…and it may look a lot different than you’re expecting. A standing room only crowd joined us on April 28 at Cyclemania in Portland for a GrowSmart Maine forum on how technology and the sharing economy is changing transportation both urban and rural.


Photo credit: CarShare VT

Photo credit: CarShare VT

Non-profit Car Sharing is going strong in Burlington, Vermont. Attendees heard from Annie Bourdon, Executive Director of Carshare Vermont, and talked about how we can make this happen in Maine!

Portland Bike Share is currently in its start-up phase! Sam Herr spoke about a proposed April 2017 start, and ways to get involved as a business or resident!

A_mountain_bike_styled_e-bike,_Cyclotricity_StealthCan e-bikes make Portland flat? The popularity of e-bikes is growing in Europe and the US. What would it mean to increase their popularity in Portland? Forum attendees were able to zip around the neighborhood on an ebike to see how great they really are!




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Thanks to Cyclemania for providing the venue!


Materials from the day!

What You Can Do! Portland Bike Share Document


Annie Bourdon, CarShare VT
Samantha Herr, Portland BikeShare
Carl Eppich, PACTS

Carol Morris, Morris Communications


Cyclemania, 65 Cove Street, Portland


8-8:15am  Networking and coffee
8:15 – 10am  Program

Cost: $10 for members, $15 for non-members. Not a member?  Join today!

Panelist Bios:

Annie Bourdon is founder and executive director of CarShare Vermont, Vermont’s first car-sharing organization. She is a sustainable transportation enthusiast who has been involved in the car-sharing industry since its arrival in the U.S. 15 years ago. In early 2001, she helped her two friends launch San Francisco’s City CarShare, where she spent four years expanding mission-driven car-sharing throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Annie currently serves on the boards of several car-sharing organizations in North America. Annie has worked for and led social change nonprofits since graduating from Bates College. While starting up CarShare Vermont, she also completed a master’s degree in public administration at the University of Vermont. She lives in Burlington with her husband and their twin toddlers.

Samantha Herr is the founder of Portland Bike Share, a non-profit organization with the mission to plan and implement a bike share system for the greater Portland area. Sam formerly worked for the City of Boston as a Bicycle Program Manager, where she worked on Bike Share and other bicycle-related projects. She has a Master’s Degree in Geography with a research specialty in urban bicycle-commuting. Her field research was based on Boston, MA as a case study, and her thesis has been read and cited by over 1880 people throughout the world. Prior to her work in bicycling for transportation, Ms. Herr worked for the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology on projects focused on the introduction and adoption of new sustainable technologies in communities. Sam has also owned and managed her own business for the past three years.

Carl Eppich, AICP, is senior transportation planner with the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System, known as PACTS. Carl manages transportation planning, project development, budgeting, and contracting, ensuring that local plans are working to realize the long-range plan for the region. In addition to land use, Carl’s areas of expertise include transit-oriented development, non-motorized transportation, and transportation project financing. In over 20 years of professional experience, Carl has worked in the non-profit, private, and public sectors, including environmental advocacy, technology, site planning, open space and recreation plans,  and regional and local bicycle and pedestrian plans, among many others. Currently his work involves integrating transportation and placemaking, active transportation, and corridor planning.

Carl holds a master’s degree in community planning and development from the Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine and a BS in environmental and resource economics from the University of New Hampshire. Carl is a certified planner with the American Planning Association and currently serves as past-president for the Northern New England Chapter of the APA.  He lives in South Portland with his wife Emily and their daughter and son.  Carl can be found on the water or on the trail utilizing various forms of non-motorized transportation.