Who We Are


The Mission of GrowSmart Maine is to build lasting prosperity without sacrificing the quality of life that defines Maine.

Maine’s iconic landscapes and architecture, sense of community and independent spirit are all reasons people choose Maine.  These strengths must be at the foundation of our prosperity.

Maine is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. The contrast between the richness of our environment and the fragility of our economy creates real risks to Maine’s unique quality places and its future. GrowSmart Maine’s role is to raise awareness and support of smart growth principles as tools to address these risks and to connect Mainers with the resources they need to manage growth and change in their communities.

GrowSmart Maine’s work is grounded within the connections between conservation of natural resources, community revitalization and economic development. That is smart growth.

Core principles such as strategic land conservation, sustainable economic development, efficient transportation systems, climate change mitigation and adaptation and even opportunities for optimal personal health are all achievable with smart growth principles, policies and projects.

We work to revitalize historic neighborhoods and vibrant communities well-suited for residents of all ages, to foster entrepreneurs and creative thinkers, and to provide a safe and inclusive place to raise children. We advocate for a balance of business regulations in tandem with environmental regulations, allowing Maine’s economy to grow and prosper while conserving and enriching our beautiful and productive natural spaces. We support the continuation of traditional livelihoods like fishing, farming and forestry; keeping Maine families working their heritage and making it possible for their children to do the same. We provide leadership by convening a broad range of voices in meaningful conversations on how to arrive at common sense solutions as united Mainers.

Our goal is to ensure that future generations can prosper and choose to call Maine home.

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