WHEN: November 10, 2022  |  TIME: 4:30pm-6:00pm (ET)  |  FORMAT: Zoom/virtual
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Who needs transit, why does it matter and what are the solutions?

When Mainers, by choice or circumstance, do not own a vehicle, their transportation options are limited, even in populated areas.  Robust transportation options are crucial for smart growth, allowing people to access jobs and services. Improved coordination between stakeholders and inclusive planning are needed to enhance existing transportation options to better serve all populations. Panelists will define the equity and economic imperatives for smart transit and discuss systemic mobility management efforts already underway in Maine.

Moderator: Carl Eppich, GSM Board Member.

Panelists: Greg Jordan, Executive Director, Greater Portland Metro; Zoe Miller, Facilitator, Moving Maine Network; Ryan Neale, Policy Development Specialist, MaineDOT; Marcel Ntagora, Planning and Outreach Associate, Greater Portland Council of Governments