Kennebec Regional Broadband Partnership

GrowSmart Maine has been awarded $183,400 through the Maine Connectivity Authority’s Regional & Tribal Broadband Partners Program, as one of 13 regional and tribal entities, to support community-driven broadband solutions in Maine. The program’s goal is to ensure universal connectivity, strengthen and grow the number of partners thinking about digital equity and inclusion, and create increased alignment and coordination between communities, regions, and the state. GrowSmart Maine, with its expertise in advocacy, thought leadership, and convening stakeholders will focus its efforts specifically on Kennebec County.
In defining the 13 regions in Maine, it was apparent that GrowSmart was a logical choice for the county. GrowSmart, based in Augusta, has cultivated relationships with Snow Pond Center for the Arts, Kennebec Valley Council of Governments, Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations in the county through previous initiatives. This grant will allow GrowSmart to build capacity by the creation of a Broadband Partnership Facilitator to work toward the program’s goals, as well as provide partial support of a Thought Leadership Program Director and support existing staff, regional alliance partners, and volunteer “connectivity boosters.”

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