Climate Tour: Denmark 2015

What is Climate Tour: Denmark 2015?

  • A powerful experience with 14 leaders from Maine traveling together for a week in Denmark, Aug 30-Sept 6, 2015.
  • The leadership group represents a variety of sectors and perspectives.
  • All in the group share a vision of prosperity, community resilience and sustainability for Maine.
  • Visited local and regional energy projects across Denmark:
    • Wind turbines on land and offshore (fixed in shallow waters).
    • Straw bale biomass district heating plants.
    • Anaerobic digestion of food waste and manure (producing biogas— methane for fuel).
    • Thermal solar (hot water for district heating).
  • Spoke with communities that are self-reliant, taking charge of their own future.
  • Met Danes who are innovative problem solvers.
  • Learned how they’ve reduced fossil fuel use by over 1/3 since the 1970s, based on state fossil fuel reduction targets and local energy efficiency, wind, biomass and solar.
  • Learned that between 1980 and 2008 energy consumption remained the same while the gross domestic product increased 80%.

Download the full report from the delegation’s tour: 

Climate Tour Denmark 2015 Summary Report

Maine Delegation to Denmark in front of pilot residential PV solar project

Sheep ‘mow’ the field around solar thermal panels that provide hot water for a village in Denmark