Growsmart Committees

In addition to an active board of directors, GrowSmart relies on the committees described below to move work forward.

Committees sometimes include individuals who are not on the board of directors, and we especially appreciate their input and feedback. If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please contact us here.


  • Review the activities and recommendations of each Subcommittee. 
  • Discuss and coordinate the activities of the subcommittees and make recommendations to the full Board for consideration and approval.
  • Oversight of Executive Director.

Committee Members

Ben Smith, Board Chair

Ethan Boxer-Macomber, Vice Chair, Fundraising Chair

Tom Rumpf, Treasurer 

Maggie Fleming, Secretary, Events and Programs Chair

Carol Morris, Communications Chair

David Webster, Nominating and Governance Lead

Thomas Rumpf, Finance & Development Chair

Rebecca Casey

Buzz Lamb


Finance and Budget

  • Work with Executive Director to oversee monthly expenses, compare to budget, and identify potential shortfalls.  Report to the Executive Committee.  

  • Work with Executive Director to develop an annual budget.

Committee Members

Thomas Rumpf, Chair

Rachel Bouvier       

Jean Claveau

Philip Hussey



  • Work with Membership Coordinator to expand and maintain membership.

Committee Members

Kirsten Grant, Chair

Sally Stockwell

Lynne Seeley


  • Work with Executive Director to identify donors and sponsors.
  • Assist Executive Director in preparing grant applications.

Committee Members

Ethan Boxer-Macomber, Chair

Tyler Kidder

Tom Rumpf

Chris Winstead

Events and Programs

  • Work to identify events and/or programs that support and help carry out the Strategic Plan.
  • Work with the Community Outreach Director to design and implement the events.

Committee Members

Maggie Fleming, Chair

Becca Casey

Carl Eppich

Andrew Zarro

Nominating andGovernance

  • Search for future Board members that embrace smart growth.  Along with the Executive Director recommend Board candidates to the Executive Committee
  • Monitor Board activity as it relates to carrying out the Strategic Plan.  Recommend structural changes to help the Board be more effective and more engaged.

Committee Members

 David Webster, Lead

Members of the Executive Committee serve this function


  • Provide an external perspective on the organization’s communications, helping to ensure that the messaging is clear, consistent and effective in terms of reaching GSM’s audiences. Toward this end, committee members will be asked to identify internal and external communications opportunities, improve existing communications, and augment GSM staff efforts by providing appropriate content in a variety of mediums and methodologies while encouraging board members to do the same.
  • The committee meets monthly; meetings will consist of discussion and hands-on communications work. Members should expect to undertake some level of external work in between meetings based on their skills and availability.

Committee Members

Carol Morris, Chair

Lucas Benedict

Becca Casey

Buzz Lamb

Jeff Levine

Lynne Seeley

Sally Stockwell

Kristen Grant, SeaGrant