Complete Streets: Maine Seeks to Make Roadways More People-Friendly

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine has adopted a so-called "Complete Streets" policy. It's hoped the policy will lead to Maine roadways that are more friendly to people who aren't in cars.

When Main Street in Bangor was last re-built it wasn't a "Complete Street." Who says so? State Transportation Commissioner David Bernhardt. And he ought to know. "I designed that many years ago. Parts of that are 72 feet wide, no sidewalks."

Another prime example is Franklin Street in Portland. Until a few years ago, it was called Franklin Arterial because it was designed to funnel vehicle traffic quickly from I-295 to downtown. To accomplish that, most of the cross-street intersections were eliminated – and, no, there were no sidewalks on it either.

Bernhardt says the Complete Streets policy sends a different message to traffic engineers: "Not only are we talking about the movement of cars; we are also talking about the movement of pedestrians, we're talking about the movement of bicycles," he says. "We're talking about we're going to have bus facilities. Read more…

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