Denmark has climate change lessons for Maine, this group will find them

-By Nancy Smith and Sue Inches, Special to the BDN

If you saw a threat, would you avoid it? If you saw an opportunity, would you take it?

We all know the answers to these questions, and so do 14 Maine leaders who will board an airplane later this week heading for Denmark. That’s because Denmark is a world leader in addressing climate change. It has reduced its fossil fuel use by more than one-third since 1971. These community and business leaders believe our own lives will be better if we know how Denmark achieved this feat.

Maine imports nearly all its energy. Most comes in the form of heating oil, natural gas, propane and gasoline. This costs Mainers roughly $5 billion every year. If Maine expands renewable energy, improves the energy efficiency of our buildings, improves public transit and focuses growth more in downtown areas, we can save money and reduce our carbon emissions. Read more…

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