GrowSmart Maine recently received two grants to implement our work in the coming year

The Elmina B Sewall Foundation provided $20,000 in support of the organization’s mission.  This grant is made through the Healthy People Healthy Places/Integration of Environment and Human Well-being program area that supports organizations using a deliberate, unified approach to enhancing well-being, prosperity and resiliency of people, communities and nature. “The resources offered by the Sewall Foundation are critical to the success of our community engagement, events and advocacy,” noted GrowSmart Maine executive director Nancy Smith. “This funding provides an underpinning for our statewide outreach, encouraging Mainers to seek lasting prosperity within the communities they love.”


The Sam L Cohen Foundation provided a $7,500 grant to implement Making Headway in Sanford.  This program represents the 14th community since 2014 to host Making Headway in Your Community, a community development program that helps residents identify what they value most in their town and provides tools to protect and build on these assets. “We will focus this program on the neighborhood surrounding the Lafayette School, as the city considers the future of this building once it is retired as a school,” says GrowSmart Maine’s Community Outreach Director, Tyler Kidder.  “In partnership with the city, Strategies for a Stronger Sanford and Synergize Sanford, Making Headway provides a process for residents to connect the future use of this building with what they value most about living in Sanford as well as with the various long-term economic development efforts underway.”  Making Headway in Sanford is also funded by The Bingham Program, which invests in a healthy Maine.

GrowSmart Maine is a statewide nonprofit organization with the mission of GrowSmart Maine is to build lasting prosperity without sacrificing the quality of life that defines Maine. For more information about the work of the organization, please visit our website:

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