A Conservation and Open Space Plan for Standish

The survey of Standish residents conducted for the 2006 Standish Comprehensive Plan revealed that the number one reason residents live here is because of its rural character.  That same survey revealed that the number one priority is to protect natural resources.  One of the key ways to achieve this is the development of a Conservation and Open Space Plan. Committee packets may be downloaded from the following links:

“Creating an Open Space Plan is a high priority. The plan will include a Conservation Lands Map to guide future land development and increased public access to water bodies, including a Town Beach on Sebago Lake.

The plan will be used to guide planning for recreation, public access, wildlife habitat and travel corridor protection, trails and scenic and historic resource protection, protection of agriculture and forestry, and to help limit development sprawl.”
– Standish Comprehensive Plan, 2006

Meeting #1. November 15, 2007
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Meeting #2. January 3, 2008
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Meeting #3. January 24, 2008
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Meeting #4. February, 27, 2008
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Meeting #5. March 27, 2008
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Meeting #6. April 24, 2008

Meeting #7. May 22, 2008

Meeting #8. June 26, 2008
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Meeting #9. Sept. 25, 2008
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The primary source of information for the Town’s efforts to protect natural resources was from the State of Maine’s Beginning with Habitat program. This information consists of a series of 7 Standish-specific maps and information to help the Town use this information for planning. Click here for a snapshot of the maps prepared for Standish, what the maps mean and how the Committee will use this information.

The Committee

In October 2007, the Town Council appointed a 17-member Committee to oversee the development of the Plan.

The Committee developed a DRAFT Mission Statement (as of March 27, 2008).

The Committee was made up of the following members:

  • Glenn Barker
  • Cynthia Borelli
  • Richard Brown
  • Burns Cameron
  • Jeff Cutler
  • Neal Dow
  • Gus Favreau
  • Mark Floor
  • Alan Hawkes
  • Paul Hunt
  • Brent Levin
  • Betty MacWilliams
  • Richard Rudolph
  • Louis Stack
  • Gene Stuart
  • Dave Thomas
  • Robert Walker