Public Policy

state policy

GrowSmart Maine regularly testifies in Augusta on relevant smart growth legislation.  This is one of the most important ways that we represent our members’ interests.

As we weigh in on key issues, we will post our progress and views here.  We encourage our members to engage in the process as well.

Legislative Calendars

As the bills travel to the House and Senate Chambers, you can check out each day’s calendar here.  For more information on the Legislative process in general, CLICK HERE.

2023 Maine Legislative Session Summary:

Maine’s Policy Action 2023: Build Maine and GrowSmart Maine

Our goal is to address barriers to and create incentives for equitable, sustainable growth and development that strengthens downtowns and villages of all sizes while pulling development pressure away from productive and open natural areas. We do so acknowledging that Maine has urban, rural, and suburban settings for which any solution may/not be a fit and a variety of people who deserve to be welcomed to their communities.

2022 Maine Legislative Session Summary:


GrowSmart Maine’s Testimony before the Maine Legislature

Advocacy Updates

2021 Maine Legislative Session Summary:

Public Policy Resources for Your Community

New Model Solar Ordinance for Maine municipalities created by one of our partners, Maine Audubon


There are local and regional issues that rise to statewide significance when considering their alignment with smart growth.

 For these, GrowSmart Maine may take a position when we believe our engagement will prove useful for those directly engaged and others who may be dealing with similar challenges.


GrowSmart Maine engages in public policy on the federal level primarily through key partnerships:

Smart Growth America advocates with Congress and the administration for a transportation system that safely, affordably and conveniently connects people of all means and ability to jobs, services, and opportunity through multiple modes of travel and development that is sustainable, equitable, and walkable.

Maine Together is a nonpartisan coalition of Maine organizations that recognizes the vital role federal domestic programs play in supporting Maine’s economy and people. We value healthy, vibrant, inclusive communities for Mainers of all ages and capabilities. Maine Together stands strongly for the principle that we are interconnected and supportive of each other, and advocates for a federal budget that reflects our shared vision for Maine.