Election Day Today!

Election Day. While emotions have run high as this day came closer, let’s hope that reasoned discussion prevailed, and voters go to the polls and make their choices based on thoughtful reflection. As we prepare for a new administration and legislature in Maine, GrowSmart Maine continues to promote sustainable prosperity for all Mainers by integrating working and natural landscape conservation, economic growth, and community revitalization.

We promote Quality of Place by convening and engaging in public conversations about Maine’s future, contributing common sense policy analysis, educating the public, advocating for state and local change, and supporting model practices.

Mainers can have economic growth in a way that adds to, rather than diminishes, the unique combination of assets we have here; our villages, downtowns and cities where people work, shop, and live; and our open spaces, where people also live, work, and recreate. When we do it well, when we plan using smart growth principles, we also reduce the cost of providing services to our citizens. Transportation investments are focused rather than sprawling, health care costs are reduced when people can walk and bike rather than getting in their cars for every trip, and housing can be more affordable when we build and refurbish in our existing built environments.

At GrowSmart Maine, our efforts focus on protecting our natural resources while promoting economic growth. When both are done well, we also reduce the cost and demand for government services.

Please vote, and then stay connected.