Housing Opportunities


We are committed to establishing an approach that is sustainable, affordable, and accessible,
providing diverse housing options for our communities.

GrowSmart Maine is a service provider for the Housing Opportunity Program, an initiative
within the Department of Economic & Community Development aimed at fostering the
development of additional housing units in the State, including housing units that are
affordable for low-income and moderate-income individuals.

Two informative webinars have been hosted, covering “Accessory Dwelling units” and “Short
Term rentals,” offering valuable insights into these crucial aspects of housing development.
Ongoing efforts to enrich resources include the creation of educational materials for the
statewide community resource directory. Check out the Community Guide on Housing Choices,
available on the Community Guide page.

We are actively engaged in the development of comprehensive plans, ordinances, and a
housing strategy tailored to meet the specific needs and dynamics of the Town of Bowdoinham

Furthermore, we are dedicated to creating a training module on Sustainable Siting of Housing
for use by Hancock County Planning Commission.