Building Resilient Communities

Work with GrowSmart Maine to help strengthen your community’s ability to mitigate and recover from shocks and disasters

Community resilience is the ability to prepare for anticipated hazards, adapt to changing conditions, and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions. Prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery are key steps to resilience.

Grounded in Smart Growth

Local governments are seeking ways to adapt to current and projected climate change impacts to better protect lives and property and ensure they can continue to offer a good quality of life and a thriving economy now and in the future. Smart growth not only prepare a community and its residents and businesses for the impacts of climate change, but also improve everyday life.

The Community Resilience Partnership

GrowSmart Maine is a service provider helping communities enroll in the Community Resilience Partnership.  Enrolled communities may apply directly for grants (up to $50.000 per town or $125.000 for joint applications) to support projects that reduce energy use and costs and/or make their community more resilient to climate change effects, such as flooding, extreme weather, drought, and public health impacts.  

GrowSmart Maine is currently working with the Towns of Mount Vernon and Vienna, and is available to support other towns for future rounds.

Contact Harald Bredesen, Program Director, at hbredesen[at]