Join us at the 2016 GrowSmart Maine Summit

Leaning Into Change: Maine-Grown Solutions


Wednesday, October 19th

9am – 5:30pm

Downtown Waterville & Thomas College, Waterville, Maine

Few of us welcome change.  It challenges us and disrupts a comfortable rhythm and so often results in loss. Yet across the state Mainers, and their communities, are leaning into change.  We are finding creative, positive ways to adapt in order to keep what we care most about in our communities.

At GrowSmart’s 2016 Summit Morning sessions in and around downtown Waterville will highlight innovations in the food sector, local successes from across the state in bringing arts and culture to the mix of economic drivers, and even a look at how development surrounding a new highway exchange can create opportunities for a community.

In the afternoon we’ll hear from speakers addressing the challenges of balancing new development in growth areas with conservation of rural landscapes.  We’ll learn how to invite and accommodate youth and immigrants who are essential to the sustainability of our communities.  Finally, we’ll hear from a national leader how to address compound challenges of extreme weather events and sea level rise complicated by significant changes to the federal flood insurance policies.

Finally, we’ll take a chance to reflect on the day and consider what we will take away from the day’s learnings and connections.  How can each of us, through what we’ve learned and who we’ve met, lean into change?

Come to GrowSmart Maine’s 2016 Fall Summit, LEANING INTO CHANGE, to discover how to move your piece of Maine in the right direction – without losing what you love most.

Wednesday October 19, 2016, Waterville, Maine. Morning tours around Waterville; Afternoon sessions at Thomas College.

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GrowSmart Moves to Gardiner

We have moved to Gardiner!  As of September 12th, our address will be 177 Water Street, Gardiner, Maine 04345 and our phone will be (207) 582-4330

The mission of GrowSmart Maine is to build lasting prosperity without sacrificing the quality of life that defines Maine.

People choose to live in Maine for many reasons: our iconic landscapes and architecture, our strong sense of local community and our gritty, independent spirit. GrowSmart Maine seeks to protect and foster these strengths because we believe they are the foundation for lasting prosperity. Our goals are community revitalization, conservation of farmland, forest and shoreland, and support for sustainable economic development that will benefit not just today’s Mainers but our children and grandchildren. As the ONLY statewide organization linking ALL these interrelated goals, GrowSmart Maine works with myriad other organizations and municipalities to convene discussion and take actions to revitalize our communities and economy while protecting our natural resources. Join us!

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