Agricultural Advisory Committees


Why establish an agricultural advisory committee?

The establishment of a local agricultural advisory committee or commission may serve many purposes:

  • Serve as a voice advocating for farmers, farm-related businesses, and agricultural interests in general;
  • Provide visibility for farming;
  • Work with town and municipal officials on issues facing the town that affect agriculture;
  • Help resolve farm-related problems and/or conflicts;
  • Protect farmlands and natural resources.

The role of an advisory committee in local planning

In a planning process, an agricultural advisory committee may be particularly useful to:

  • Represent the needs and concerns of farmland owners and operators within the community planning process and facilitate communication and understanding among planning officials, residents and the agricultural community;
  • Assist town officials in efforts to plan for the continuation of agriculture and prevent the loss of agricultural resources;
  • Review the impact of existing and proposed plans, policies and ordinances on the agricultural community and recommend changes as needed.

How to establish an agricultural advisory committee

The committee may be created by the town on a permanent basis through a local ordinance or be established as a time-bound sub-committee of the Comprehensive Planning Committee that focuses specifically on planning issues that affect agriculture.

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