December 2021 Newsletter: Support GrowSmart Maine

Mainers like you are taking action to create strong local communities and to slow climate change. As a supporter of GrowSmart Maine, you know that economic development can, and does, support climate solutions. In fact, it’s imperative that we bring together business leaders, environmentalists, government officials, and everyday Mainers to solve our most pressing challenges. 

Attendance at this year’s Summit exceeded our expectations, with 165 people participating either in person or virtually, diving into the idea of economic opportunity that comes with the climate challenges. In early January we will share the outcomes from regional discussions incorporated into the event. There is much work still to be done!

GrowSmart Maine is THE state-wide organization that unites these goals and brings leaders from varied sectors together to create effective solutions.

This past summer and fall your donations supported our advocacy to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Build Back Better plan. We served as one of the public faces of the campaign in Maine with a prominent opinion piece in Maine newspapers and a starring role in a PSA to support passage of the legislation. Thank you for helping to make this possible!

In Augusta, we advocated for sound planning practices, housing choices, racial equity, climate action, and broadband.  In 2022, GrowSmart Maine advocate for state-wide policies promoting smart growth. This includes extending the sunset provision on Maine’s historic rehabilitation tax credit.  We also will continue to be a resource for local governments needing technical expertise to solve some of their biggest challenges, like lack of housing choices, traffic congestion, and climate mitigation.

In partnership with Maine Energy AmeriCorps Program and WindowDressers, we hosted first-in-the-community insulating window insert builds in Windham and Biddeford.

Thank you for being a smart growth leader and showing up to support GrowSmart. Your participation, attention, and passion for smart growth are vital ingredients for meaningful results.  We’re a lean non-profit with an outsized impact in our great state, because of our donors. Our strength is derived from welcoming the rural, suburban and urban, coastal and inland perspectives of our members; our members’ enthusiasm for the Maine vision; and our collective problem-solving skills to address some of the most daunting issues facing Maine. Your donation is critical to empower us to organize and elevate local voices to the state-wide level.

We have a historic opportunity to make our communities more livable and stable; join us to help set Maine on the right course.  Give today to help us be ready for 2022.


We are so grateful for all you do for GrowSmart and Maine. We welcome many different opportunities to collaborate beyond donations, so drop us a line to chat if you’d like to discuss the potential. We also look forward to seeing you at events in 2022! I can be reached at

With gratitude,

Nancy Smith
Executive Director

P.S. We are 75% of the way towards our goal for December 31st. Please renew or donate today online at And enjoy reviewing the copy of our most recent Annual Report on our website, along with previous years’ reports.