Denmark Climate Change and Energy Tour! August 30-September 5

climatetours.orgGrowSmart Maine is taking part in a great effort to explore community-level solutions to energy production in response to climate change.  Thirteen Mainers will participate, including trip leader Sue Inches, representing business, non-profit, municipal, statewide and federal perspectives.  A day-long tour of Samsø Island will be one of the highlights of the trip, learning how Samsø became self-sufficient with renewable energy in less than 10 years.  Leaders of that community will explain the processes behind Samsø’s 10-year transition as Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island and their national vision to become fossil free by 2030.  In addition, we’ll tour Samsø Energy Academy, which, apart from being the daily workplace for the Energy Academy’s staff, is a highly sustainable building with roof integrated solar thermal and PV (photo voltaic)  panels, rainwater collection and natural ventilation.  

GrowSmart Maine will follow up this educational experience by connecting to interested Maine communities to share what’s been learned in Denmark and to discuss how it can to translated here in Maine.

Donate now to support this effort! If you have specific questions or issues you’d like for us to explore as part of this trip, please contact us at