What do you think of when you think about a small community? To some, images of farmland or rural landscapes spring to mind – low-density housing, grange halls, fundraising thermometers outside the single-truck fire station. To others, it may be a village or town center that serves as the hub for business and social activity. Or it’s the five block radius that has a coffee shop, market, and community center. Small communities are not only defined by geography – they can also look like a book club, running group, or volunteer network.

Chances are good that we all have a different relationship to this idea based on our life experiences. What’s undeniable is the fact that we all belong to small communities and that these communities are the threads that weave us all together.

This webinar will highlight how communities are advancing smart growth goals at a range of scales. Municipal offices, service organizations, and informal social groups all play a role in building, maintaining, and strengthening the social fabric of their small communities around Maine.

We will speak with three community leaders who have been integral with helping their small communities grow and flourish.

  • Tanya Rucosky, Community Resilience Partnership Coordinator with the Sunrise County Economic Council (SCEC) and Basin Babes member
  • Luke Dyer, Town Manager in the town of Van Buren
  • Claire Emrick, Community Resilience Coordinator with the Center for and Ecology-Based Economy (CEBE)

This webinar is organized by GrowSmart Maine and sponsored by Kennebec Savings Bank.

Event details:

Date: Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Time: 4:30pm-6:00pm ET

Location: Online (Webinar link will be provided upon registration)


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