GrowSmart Maine at the White House

Nancy Smith, CEO of GrowSmart Maine, spoke at the White House event “Communities in Action: Building a Better Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont” on 14 March, 2024. The event featured local elected officials and community leaders working on behalf of their communities to create opportunities and improve people’s everyday lives.

“Maine’s communities are stepping up to the current challenges of climate change and the opportunities that come with the recent influx of people who, once realizing they can live anywhere, are choosing to come live in Maine.” Ms. Smith explained. “GrowSmart Maine is supporting communities in improving people’s everyday lives while building capacity and optimism for the future.” She highlighted the impacts of the ARPA, BIL, and IRA investments in Maine communities – for rural transportation, agriculture, broadband, renewable energy, climate resilient infrastructure, among other sectors.

Read her prepared remarks here.