GrowSmart Maine Seeks Individuals to Serve on Board of Directors

GrowSmart Maine is a statewide nonprofit organization based in Augusta. We support communities in managing change in alignment with smart growth. We do our work through advocacy, convening to action, and thought leadership. Smart growth can be described as where farmland protection and downtown revitalization come together as opposite sides of the same community development coin. 

We are particularly interested in bringing on new board members with expertise in marketing/communications, development and fundraising, experience related to the built environment and property development or working land ‘heritage’ industries and arts/culture as it pertains to community building.  While smart growth expertise in such areas as housing, transportation, and land protection are appreciated, we also keep those with a keen interest in overarching priorities of climate action and equity are acknowledged as critical to Maine’s future.

As part of our commitment to diversity, we are seeking people of diverse ages, people of color with varying experience in the state, and people from very rural communities.  Our goal is to have board members who represent  businesses, organizations, and people of Maine, including representing different geographic areas, disability statuses, gender and gender identities, ages, skills, content expertise, and diverse rural, urban, and suburban communities.

Nominations are encouraged by Tuesday , September 19th. 

GrowSmart Maine’s Board is composed of at least 15 members, including an executive committee led by the Board Chair and Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.  Board members are invited to participate in committees including Finance & Budget, Membership, Communications, Maine Smart Growth Awards, and Events. Terms of service are for three years, with a limit of three consecutive terms.Serving on the board entails participating in virtual meetings Jan-June, Sept, and November, as well as the annual meeting at our October Summit. Meetings are approximately two hours long with timing set in January based on needs of board members. Committees meet monthly with staff assigned to each.All board members are asked to make an annual financial contribution to GrowSmart Maine at an amount that is meaningful to them – we strive for 100% board giving as an indication of full support for the work of the organization.

We invite you to read this Nominations Form before filling out the brief online application.

Please nominate yourself or a colleague today!

If you have questions about serving on the board, please contact GrowSmart Maine’s CEO, Nancy Smith

Thank you!