Local Foods Featured at the GrowSmart Maine Summit 2014!

We've had many conversations with those of you who joined us at the GrowSmart Maine Summit 2012 – one of the biggest concerns we heard was "Where is all the local food?" Maine has so many wonderful family farms that produce some of the country's finest vegetables, dairy, fruit and meats.  So much of the work we do at GrowSmart Maine is to protect these fertile lands that support so many products and keep them farming rather than creating more sprawling development. So we did something about it!  At this year's Summit, we will feature locally sourced foods at every break and meal.  Local dairy in your coffee, local fruit in your muffin, local meat and local vegetables at lunch and at the reception at the end of the day.  All day long, you can sample the best Maine and New England has to offer!  We can't wait! 

We know local works.  Local expertise.  Local jobs. Local foods. We celebrate all things Maine – we hope you will too.  Register today.