“New Ways”-Summit 2012 Perspectives: Lee Burnett

As a municipal grant writer, a forestry outreach coordinator and a freelance journalist, I had a problem choosing which breakout session to attend since almost all 20 of the sessions would have been interesting to me. What inspired me most about Summit 2012 was the sense of community. To have such a large and diverse group all together in one place, talking the talk and walking the walk was exciting. The Growsmart Maine community is still making things happen.  My biggest takeaway came two weeks after the Summit as I was thinking about successful projects. Invariably they involve putting community assets together in a new way. It might be as simple as a tree planting campaign or as ambitious as mill redevelopment project. It's the new combination of people and resources that makes things happen. My plan for the future is to keep "working at the intersection" to put things together in new ways.


Lee Burnett
Freelance Journalist, Municipal Grant Writer