“Quality of Life”- Summit 2012 Perspectives: Greg Worden


When we moved to Maine six years ago, we did so for the quality of life. We wanted to raise our children in a healthier atmosphere, somewhere with clean air, water, and lots of snow. We knew after visiting several places in Maine that there was something special about the state but especially about the people. We want to be here, whether we were born here or not. The common spirit of the people is what brings and keeps talented people in Maine and what makes this such a vibrant community. 

Attending the GrowSmart Maine conference confirmed this notion. At a time when the economy is still dragging and huge challenges loom, it was inspiring to hear from so many talented and accomplished individuals about the bright opportunities in front of us. As sustainability and business consultants, we feel well positioned in Maine and the conference provides an opportunity for thought leaders to intermingle and continue creating a common vision for Maine.

The keynote and breakout speakers were diverse and provided a beneficial perspective on where Maine and national trends intersect. The people we met during breakouts and lunch were energized and the event provided excellent networking opportunities with people equally committed to Maine’s future.

We look forward to the next conference. Thank you for all of your hard work. 

Greg Worden