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abby-pond-bowmantown lupcYour input needed to inform Maine’s zoning

The Land Use Planning Commission is currently reviewing the adjacency principle, which is a policy that guides where new zones for development can be created. The purpose of the review is to find out if there are better ways to account for different situations when deciding where to encourage new development.

Below are links to the website that explains this issue further, and a link to the survey, that takes about ten minutes.  Note: the LUPC is reaching out to all Mainers, but there is a special interest in hearing from people who live and work in Maine’s Unorganized Territories.

While changes to “adjacency rules” are considered, GrowSmart Maine will support those changes that encourage growth in areas adjacent to existing similar development. This strengthens the service center communities surrounding unorganized towns, providing the best use of existing infrastructure – such as roads and fire protection – while keeping large undeveloped tracts of land intact.

GrowSmart Maine considers this a vitally important issue and we encourage you to participate. 


Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LHMLLXH

More information about adjacency: http://www.maine.gov/dacf/lupc/projects/adjacency/adjacency.html