Your Voice is needed to preserve the Historic Preservation Tax Credit

The Mill at Saco Falls - old mill buildings along Saco Falls in Biddeford are now filled with Maine families enjoying solar-powered hot water, a playground and bike and kayak storage. The historic windows and brick façade of the Baxter Library on Congress Street in Portland are now restored to their 1800’s glamour. In Bangor, the 1830 Maine Hall historic dormitory is being revitalized into housing for Seniors. None of these projects would have been possible were it not for Maine’s Historic Preservation Tax Credit. We need your help to make this credit permanent and to save Maine’s historic buildings.

On Tuesday, March 15th at 1 PM in Room 127 of the Statehouse, the Legislature's Joint Standing Committee on Taxation will be holding a Public Hearing on LD 742, "An Act to Eliminate the Sunset Date of the Maine Historic Preservation Tax Credit".top legislative priorities for this legislative session. In short, the bill seeks to make the Historic Preservation Tax Credit permanent.
This proposed legislation, sponsored by GrowSmart Maine Board member Senator Chris Rector, is one of GrowSmart Maine's

Baxter Library - As many of you know, GrowSmart Maine played a leading role in working with the Legislature in 2008 to significantly expand the state's historic preservation tax credit. The expanded and improved tax credit has resulted in 22 projects investing more than $125 million in 14 communities in 7 counties including completed projects, projects under construction and the Hathaway Mill in Waterville which used a similar state historic credit under a special law. It is estimated that the projects made possible by this credit have created almost 700 construction jobs and over 200 long term jobs.

GrowSmart Maine needs your support in working with the Legislature to remove the current 2013 Sunset date associated with the Maine Historic Preservation Tax Credit. We ask you to contact the committee members to urge their support. Please click here to send a letter to the Taxation Committee today. Maine's historic buildings need your voice.

Thank you.