Maine Smart Growth Awards

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awards designed to recognize the diverse activities that contribute to smart growth and serve as real life illustrations of the benefits it brings

What do you call a place with a thriving, walkable downtown surrounded by productive farmland and forestland? A place that provides efficient public infrastructure: roads, water, sewer, even broadband? These are the signs of a community whose residents care how growth affects their town – and who use smart growth principles to shape it.

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Smart growth is a common sense concept that helps communities welcome growth while maintaining the historic and natural beauty of our state.

But this concept is sometimes hard to explain, and that’s why GrowSmart Maine is launching the first annual Maine Smart Growth Awards.

Learn more here on our ‘What is Smart Growth?’ page

These awards are designed to recognize the diverse activities that contribute to smart growth, and also serve as real life illustrations of the benefits it can bring.

Deadline: 4pm Wednesday July 25, 2018

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Submissions should provide clear illustrations of the way successful projects can integrate environmental and community values and sound and sustainable economics.  The online application process is designed to be quick and easy, taking around 20 minutes. Anyone can nominate any project, plan, policy, or person, including themselves.

To submit you will need:

  1. Contact information for the nominee
  2. Brief narrative descriptions of how the nominated project, plan, policy or person connects to Smart Growth principles
  3. One or more images that help tell the story

The awards will showcase the kind of projects, plans, policies and people that support smart growth in all its diversity, whether it’s a plan for a walkable, inclusive village center, a development that is affordable and sustainably built, a community-supported bike and walking path, or a person whose career exemplifies the impact of smart growth.

Charlie Colgan, former state economist; Kate Dempsey, executive director of Maine’s Nature Conservancy; and Evan Richert, former head of state planning and Orono community planner, have all agreed to judge this year’s awards.

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