Portland Press Herald Policy Matters: Ballot initiatives: Power to the people?

Virtual Meeting

Join the Portland Press Herald for a virtual panel discussion "Ballot initiatives: Power to the people?" Since 1911, Mainers have had the right to introduce ballot measures to change or create law. These citizen-led initiatives have had a profound impact at the municipal and state levels: think gay marriage, clearcutting, zoning restrictions, and bear-baiting. But […]


Of Interest: Creating Prosperous Rural Communities

Virtual Meeting

Of interest to Mainers and our Partner Organizations: In October and November, County Health Rankings & Roadmaps will explore strategies to achieve better health in rural communities in a two-part webinar series: Rural America’s Opportunity for Equity. Both webinars will serve as a workshop for community leaders and residents to engage in these strategies. On […]

Inclusive Transportation Forum

Virtual Meeting

When Mainers, by choice or circumstance, do not own a vehicle, their transportation options are limited, even in populated areas.  Robust transportation options are crucial for smart growth, allowing people to access jobs and services. Improved coordination between stakeholders and inclusive planning are needed to enhance existing transportation options to better serve all populations. Panelists […]

Free – $25